A few words about us

Founded in 1999, ACANTHUS INTERIOR an original philosophical approach where functionality encourages a timeless purity and clarity of foam Ideas carefully thought out down to the last detail, model creations brought together by experienced craftsmen's hands. It is the answer to carefully planned interiors, setting the individual as the center of attention whose space is enveloped in an atmosphere of calm and comfort. The practice was initially set up by Mr. Nikhil Gupta as a platform for cross-disciplinary collaborations who has an experience of working under Mr. Sarabjit Singh in Fab Interiors for four years of Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Banquets and Farm Houses. It has been written that the creation of something new is accomplished not by the intellect, but by the instinct. Lust as artists have created new artistic movements to translate the beauty in their mind's vision, so Nikhil has approached the design of his projects to fashion a unique interior brand that is not easily described by today's conventional terminology.

ACANTHUS INTERIOR projects range from public buildings to individual interiors for private clients. The practice has particular experience in the Leisure and Hospitality Industry, Developers, Focusing on the Design of Contemporary Bars, Clubs and Restaurants, Hotels and Private Villas. Using a unique language of color, light and geometry, our interiors are sensuous and eventful Space is carefully choreographed into stylish environments. Each best architecture company in delhi design is treated individually and developed with the help of specialist consultants. We understand the making of architecture as a multi-layered and collaborative process. Close contact to the client is important to develop optimized design solutions each project regardless of its size is treated with equal passion and attention to detail. 3- d visualizations allow an immediate insight into an evolving project and form the basis for successful dialogue.

It combines the collective strengths of nearly 12 Designers and Professional Staff Members to benefit our clients and enrich our environments with many years of collaborative experience, and renown in their respective fields, our principals have guided the firm to national prominence, and established its reputation as a fearless and dedication innovator in the design world. Our diverse portfolio of work is characterized by compassion for the individual, respect for the public trust, and a dedication to transparent project management Procedure by which clients can regulate the value of their project Served by our Office in INDIA, our clients include public and private entities whose continued success we take to be the true measure of our own. We have diversified practice that Focuses on clients wishing to pursue innovative design strategies The crew are committed to high quality design and have years of experience controlling their craftsmanship skill and design budget


provides the ideas, insights and innovations that enhance human culture and everyday life. Simply put, our vision is as strong today as it was 70 years ago: to craft ideas and buildings that honor the broader goals of society.


is a multidisciplinary design practice offering services encompassing all aspects of space planning, interior design and project management We view every project as an opportunity to establish a long-term relationship with our clients to achieve results responsive to their aesthetic, functional and budgetary goals.


aim is to plan and implement appropriate state of the art contemporary technical developments in order to give our clients an utmost level of comfort, for their residential or commercial projects We are aware that our profession goes hand in hand with the realization of our client's dreams and we are honored that so many of them put their dreams into our hands and let us be a part of this sensitive process.