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In the current scenario architecture and design is captivating to describe. Modern and contemporary designs can sync and blend together as well to create a quirky and notable space. Modern architecture in today’s time is simple and classy with clear detailing of advanced designing strategies. Modern designs are unique and remarkable. The components used constitute less use of similar material and more of non identical designs and material with use of vibrant colors, smooth detailing.

Contemporary is what we are living and accomplishing in current time. A modern interior design is clean and modest which assimilates use of natural substances which are eco friendly, so the concept of green spaces has become a fundamental part both in commercial and residential projects. The idea is to create outstanding model. Architects focus on ordinance designs to meet the expectation of every proposed project.

The interior designers utmost supervision is to provide best result with all the hi tech facilities and comfort in any assigned plan. The attention is given on every area giving healthy and adequate facilities while designing any space. The upcoming ideas will highlight on transformation of inner and outer designs.
The architectural intensity is exhibits only when it has creative and divergent approach.

Introducing Acanthus

“Acanthus “creation of something new is accomplished by the instinct but not by intellect.
Mr. Nikhil Gupta Managing director of Acanthus has made a respective place in the architect and interior industry with their innovation, research and building on elegant, highly artistic solutions that exemplify the client’s brand.

One of the recent project completed and executed by Acanthus is Stardom Banquet & Convention, a booming hotel based in Jaipur and Noida. Its remarkable effect of European style and straight line design is solitary. The paneling of the enormous banquet hall is tendered by fabric and wooden with golden grooving. The paint having stone effect gives luxury appearance.

The notable thing about the rooms is, it has opulent detailing in stone, etching mirror and wooden work with classical flooring inside the rooms which give impressive beautification to the hotel. The decoration of furniture and interior of the complete hotel inside and out is beautifully drafted to give unique splendid outcome.

Acanthus commits for all the propound conceptions to be designed with all supreme and innovative ideas. It’s fundamental aim is to give modern and contemporary designs a wing to fly in the best and correct direction.

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