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The year 2017 has already given us the interior designing goals, while 2018 is a step ahead. If you are planning for a new house or want to renovate the past one, then you should definitely keep yourself updated with the trends introduced.

Designing a house does not only involve the color of walls or which sofa set would be suitable for the corners. You have to always go “out of the box”, for that. And none other than the best interior designer could help you more in the task. Also, he knows best about, what’s hot in the market.

But, if you had made up your mind what should be done to do the proper judgment of your house, then I have listed some of the new trends in interior designing. Let’s proceed.

What if, I tell you can create an illusion of space if you don’t have one? Sounds interesting no? For that purpose, I have collected some of the tips that would definitely help you for a better home. Let’s discuss.

1. The Four Walls Trend

Walls are something that covers approx 60% of your room area, hence catching the utmost attention of the visitor. Well, gone are the days when the color of the walls used to be the darker. Instead, pale colors like off-white, sage-green, salty and earthy neutrals are becoming the trend of 2018. The reason behind is these colors could be matched well with the other interiors of the room, giving your area a classy effect. As Pantone has declared the ultra-violet as the color of the year, so going with that might also help you.

Other pastels like mustard, olive and jade are proving to do better judgment with your living area. Make sure you don’t forget to compliment the matching furniture with the color of walls. Otherwise, it’s of no use.

2. The Ceiling Trend

It is said that the color and pattern of the ceiling should be matching or equivalent to the color of walls. But today’s book of architecture doesn’t state the same. You can play well with ceiling patterns. If we talk about the ceiling trend then statement ceilings are the new one, as more and more searches are there at Pinterest of the same. Like you can use straw baskets or woody effects to enhance the ceiling area. It would make your ceiling stand out of the box.

Also, if you can go with the stuff to decorate the ceiling, then simply make it wash with some color that gives a contrasting effect to the color of walls.

3. The Kitchen Trend

The kitchen is not only the place to cook. More, a housewife spends 70% of her time into the same. So, following the trend is necessary in the case.

Moreover, “Mix-n-Match” is emerging nowadays, without keeping it all the same. For example, painting base walls or cabinets in a dark charcoal tone and upper cabinets and walls in creamy off-white tones is something that more audience is looking for.

Also, if you want to come out of the wooden doors and shelves in the kitchen, then you can definitely go for the moody ocean-inspired shades. Go for the blue-greens cabinets and compliment them with the wood stains to complete the aura of your kitchen.

4. The Bathroom Trend

Earlier big Jacuzzis and luxury wash basins were the trends of the market. 2018 is something more in the treasure. If you discover the search result of Pinterest, then people are looking for the spa bathrooms to get the ultimate relief. People are wanting to give their body a retreat and relaxation with these.

Also, one-color tiles, the earthy tone colors, minimal accents are the one that is topping the list this year.

5. The Texture Trend

The texture of your house has a lot to say about. Undoubtedly 2018 is going to be the year of leather and velvet. You can choose the interiors like chair set, cushions and sofa sets of velvet touch.

Moreover, the show plants are setting a new trend in the living areas. They give you the most lively effect of the environment while keeping your house different from others and breathing. With vibrant designs and colors, they may just be the cheapest way to give your room a new lease of life.

This was my justified effort to make you aware of the new trends in interior designing. Hope it would help you in renovating your house with another perspective.

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Shreya Sharma
January 23, 2019

Great information, It’s really useful. Thank you for sharing.

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