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Everyone wants a breathing space for them. But you also can’t deny the fact that you have to manage it all within that much available space. So, what is the solution? Should we compromise with our belongings and put it into one basket, or look for the better alternative?

What if, I tell you can create an illusion of space if you don’t have one? Sounds interesting no? For that purpose, I have collected some of the tips that would definitely help you for a better home. Let’s discuss.

1. Play well with the Ceilings

Ceilings can create a better illusion of space, says a well-known architect. Try to make the color of the ceilings as same as the color of walls. It will create a transparency within the room. Not only, the room will look bigger in size, the walls and ceilings will look like a single unit.

2. The Color of Walls

The color of walls speaks a lot about the room, so think of choosing the right one. There is a perception in the mind of most of the people that solid and loud colors would catch the attention of the one who enters a room. But the concept is not applicable to all the rooms.

Loud colors are perfect for the larger rooms as they are big enough to tolerate the vibrancy. If you are dealing with the small space make the utmost use of pale colors as they serve a lot of purpose to you. Firstly, they are good at the reflection and secondly they speak for themselves and provide you with a soothing room accompanied with brightness.

3. Use Barn Doors

For the smaller rooms, it is mostly recommended to make use of barn doors. The reason behind is, barn doors could be easily slid and driven when they are opened or closed without using much space.

Make sure you choose the contrasting material while going for the barn doors. After all, the visuals are important. Also, every bit of space counts, therefore look for something that helps in managing in that much area.

4. Place Sofa sets straight to Walls

Sofa sets hold a great space in your room, so make sure it doesn’t eat the one for other items. To avoid the situation pull your sofa away from the wall slightly. It will result in the shadows behind that would make space seem larger.

5. Lightings should be correct

If you are expecting a bigger room, be wise while choosing the lights for your room. Try to go with bright and decent lights(that would not make your eyes blink) for the living room. Brighter colors tend to reflect more, hence giving you the expected results.

Slender floor lamps are better in the case your floors need some space treatment. Use tall and slim lamps, to look like the flower in the boom. Try to embrace the lyrical fluidity and grace all around.

6. Avoid Overstuffed Furniture

There is no place for clunky and overburdened furniture in a petite room. Going for a round shaped table would do well. It will cover less space and has no sharp edges to create any hindrance in the room. Marble or glass table tops would be proved as a wise decision.

It would be in your favor if your sofa sets and TV shelves have wheels. A 5-inch gap is permissible if you want to do judgment with space. Moreover, it will avoid the floors to look overburdened. Also, consider the chairs with some height at the back to create some sense of space.

7. Choose Longer Curtains

Last but not the least, curtains play a major role in the finishing of your room. Make sure to choose the longer curtains having extra long-drapes. Mount the curtains near to the ceiling, giving your room an illusion of height. You can also use the decorative small pieces and place them well.

These were some of the basic styling tips for your small space. Follow the above and surely you would be able to get something bigger in that much only. Thanks!!

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