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Programming, space planning, budget planning, site surveys, concepts, image development, comprehensive construction drawings, special effect (Theme, design & implementation), Materials/Finishes selection, 2-3 Dimensional visuals, Rendering, custom design and detailing, specification an architectural masterpiece does not exist without an underlying structure able to withstand natural and man-made effects. It is up to the structural engineer to design safe, efficient and durable structures while enhancing aesthetics. Acanthus engineering begins at the design stage, complementing our architectural vision with strategies for erecting a lasting structure in accordance with client expectations and geographical determinants. Our success in developing safe buildings is without peer and comes from a long history in earthquake-prone. Drawings upon our seismic expertise, we meet any challenge to deliver enduring results, including super high-rise buildings, long-span and kinetic structures and buildings equipped with sophisticated seismic control and isolation system.



Preparing basic furniture layout for all areas, Masonry plan with wall details and niche treatment details, designing and detailing of door-window schedule with required details, designing & detailing of flooring layout for all areas along with the selection of materials like stone, wooden flooring, glass etc. design and detailing of R.C.P (reflect ceiling plan) for all areas. Rendered 3d views to be presented for same, wall elevations and sections for all necessary areas with the required details of the different materials used. As per the requirement, 3d views to be presented for the same, designing of the lighting layout for all areas with the selection of fixtures. Finalizing of colour & polish for all the areas finished in paint of wood, selection of curtain and blinds for all the required through rendered elevations, Designing & detailing of furniture pieces like: sofa sitting, center and side tables, console, buffet counter, salad counter, service station, etc as layout for all required areas through elevations, section and details with rendered 3d views. False ceiling sections and scale drawings of brands, grooves, etc. plumbing plan, firefighting plan & details through center line mark for all the areas, selection of all fixtures, stone and tiles in toilets, electrical plan for false ceiling for cove light effects with detailing of wiring in all areas, allocation of power, telephone, speakers, CCTV and networking system for all the areas. Proposed the design of generator and inverter wiring system for the areas, all require detail drawings of the interior as per the contractor at the site.


Internal and External load calculations, internal and external electrifications, emergency power systems, uninterruptible power system, Raceway design for data/voice distribution, transformer, servo-stabilizer and D.G. set selection, lightning protection, earthing system, Fire alarm system design, public address and music system, access control system and CCTV system.


Heating, ventilation and air condition; HVAC is the technology of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort. It provides indoor air quality. This system is a sub-discipline of mechanical engineering based on the principle of thermodynamic, fluid mechanics and heat transfer.


Plumbing calculations, including water supply, storm and equipment sizes, Design select, schedule, size and specify basic plumbing system components to include plumbing fixtures, drains and equipment, Design and select fire protection systems and equipment.


Large-scale projects involve a myriad of the public and private organization. Coordinating and controlling the efforts of all are challenges that demand experienced management skills. The projects management and construction services of ACANTHUS and our group companies, building performance consulting and ACANTHUS construction management are ideally suited to these tasks. ACANTHUS understands the complexities of each job, examining factors such as specific requirement, schedule, cost, risk, communication, execution and procurement. We then strategically deploy and manage the resource, overseeing the project from inception to completion in order to assure clients and stakeholders of success – both functionally and financially.


Conceptual planning of the back-of-house and operational/support facilities, encompassing international standards as employed in hospitality and foodservice facilities design and operations. The purpose of the work is to ensure that the client gets an efficient infrastructure in terms of space, flow and facilities provided to support the required level of Operational Function. Typical areas of coverage include the planning of offices and ancillary rooms such as Material Management Offices, General Materials storerooms, Security offices, Housekeeping areas, Maintenance/Workshops, Housekeeping and Uniform issue, Staff Facilities and Change Rooms, Training/Interview Rooms, Sales Offices, Administration Offices and others.



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